We are so excited guys to announce that our new look website is finally underway! After a few years of building our food comparisons we decided to take our page further to bring you more content! We are often asked for how to eat and what to eat! So, with this being said, we shall now be bringing you lots of installment of healthy food recipes! My wife and I have been a health coaches now for a number of years  and helped people from across the world reach there idea body goals what ever they may be. Food is our passion! We here at nutritional facts are a married couple who are just super passionate about their food and simply sharing our knowledge is what fuels us! 

So guys, we decided with the reaction we had from our jack fruit post. Your first installment is 20 ways to eat JACK FRUIT


As always we love you all for your support through the years! We couldn't do this without you guys!

We are so excited to be putting together a 90 day plan , It will include lots of tasty recipes that are super easy to make . This will be available 

for vegetarians , Meat  eaters and Vegans . please dont hesitate to contact us for more information . 


Darren & Abbey xx

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